Pune News : The three-day ‘Sex Tantra’ camp in Pune is finally cancelled, action is demanded against the organizers of the event

Pune :  To be held in Pune (Pune News) Sex Tantra has finally been cancelled. After several social and religious and political organizations in Pune opposed the event, the Pune Police started investigating the organizers of the event. The organizers have since decided to cancel these events. 

For the last two days in Pune, the advertisement of sex techniques is making a noise. This sex technique was organized in Pune on 1st, 2nd and 3rd October during the coming Navratri. A fee of Rs 15,000 per person was charged to participate in this. A QR code and a phone number were also provided for this.  This ad included  categories Vedic Sex Tantra, Divine Feminine Masculine Embodiment, Chakra Activation, Osho Meditation. But Osho’s followers say that this sex technique has nothing to do with Osho’s teachings and philosophy.  

Sexual extravagances are openly written about in ancient Indian traditions and scriptures. Vatsayana is a famous book of this tradition. However, experts say that this sex technique has no connection with the ancient things of Indian tradition, and also sex education will not be achieved through this. The organizers tried to attract the youth by connecting this sex technique with Navratri. But various social organizations in Pune rushed to the Police Commissioner of Pune and demanded to stop this program. 

 Pune Police started searching for the organizers of this sex technique. Then the police got the information that Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram Foundation, which organizes this sex technique, is from Uttar Pradesh and Ravi Singh is its head. This Ravi Singh has said that he is canceling the program as soon as the police gave a warning. Although this event has been cancelled, action is being taken against the organizers of this event. If such a distortion of ancient traditions is being done to earn pure money, it should not be tolerated.

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