Pune News : Suicide of young man studying for MPSC exam in Pune; Also wrote a suicide note!

Pune :

In a note written by the young man before his death, he says that he is committing suicide due to depression. The youth who committed suicide has been identified as Tribhuvan Kawle (age 30). He is a native of Jalanya.  He was preparing for the ‘MPSC’ examination in Pune since the completion of his education.

According to the preliminary information received in this matter, Tribhuvan was living in Pune since January 2021. He was living with his friends in Pune. He was found hanging in his living room around noon today. It is clear that he committed suicide. A note written by him before committing suicide has been found by the police and it has been revealed that he committed this act due to depression. The incident has been registered at Vishram Bagh Police Station.

It has once again been seen how deadly the MPSC network has become around the youth of the state. MPSC, the dream of getting a government job especially for the rural youth and becoming an officer, the selection process of MPSC has become extremely time-consuming and insensitive, the years of hope of lakhs of youth are wasted chasing the mirage of MPSC. 

Maharashtra approximately 18 to 20 lakh youth appear for MPSC exam every year. But the number of posts filled every year in different departments is 4 to 5 thousand. But the State Public Service Commission never does the work of taking the exam in time and giving the result in time. Since the issue of Maratha reservation, which was going on in the state for the last two years, remained pending, then two years were wasted due to Corona. Due to all this situation the students are demoralized and urgent steps need to be taken by the government and state public service commission.




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