Pune News : PMPML bus is in bad condition, passengers are not comfortable, but the officials are busy renovating the cabins

Pune :  PMPML operating deficit in Pune has gone up to Rs 500 crore in the last financial year. But in the dire situation, the officials do not feel any mistake in renovating their own cabins. Is the tax money of Pune citizens going down the drain due to the extravagance going on in PMPML, the irresponsibility of the officials? Such a question is being raised on this occasion. 

PMPML bus service, known as the life line of Punekar, has been losing money for the past few years. Thousands of citizens of Pune are availing this bus service. But no service for passengers is provided by PMPML. Pune residents face many problems like broken seats, leaky bus stops, frequent break down buses. But instead of solving the problem, PMPML officials seem to be busy renovating their own cabins. 

To strengthen Pune’s public transport system Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad has now become a headache for these municipalities. Every year, due to poor planning, both these municipalities have to bear the financial deficit of crores of rupees. 500 crore deficit figure last year is an unprecedented figure in history. Due to this deficit, both the municipalities are going to get a big financial hit. 

It is natural to ask who will bring the train of PMPML, which is in financial crisis, back on the road.  Because this PMPML had earlier benefited many officials who tried hard to give financial gains to the board. But now if the officials are busy renovating their cabins, the possibility that the wheel of ‘PMPML’ will go into financial mud cannot be ruled out. 

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