Pune News : How safe is Dagdusheth Ganapati Temple and Shaniwarwada? Information raising concern in reports of investigative agencies

Pune News :  from Pune (Pune) famous rich Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati Temple (dagdusheth ganpati mandir) and Shaniwarwada (shaniwarwada) has come to light raising security concerns. The survey conducted by the Central Security Agency and the State Police has found errors in this famous place in Pune. As there are crowded places, the security agencies have predicted the possibility of accidents in these places. A report has been given by the police to the Municipal Commissioner. 

Archeology Department of India has written a letter regarding the safety of Shaniwarwada in Pune.  Archeology Department has given a letter to the Municipal Commissioner saying that unauthorized shops should not be allowed to be set up outside Shaniwarwada during Ganeshotsavam and on other days. The archeology department has also written a letter to Vishram Bagh police in this regard.

Shaniwarwada has been declared as a protected monument and comes under the jurisdiction of the Archaeological Survey of India. Tourists from home and abroad come to see Shaniwarwada. The survey was conducted on April 4, 2022 by the Central Security Agency and the State Police Agency. While inspecting the area of ​​Shaniwarwara, they noticed some errors. So he has written a letter to the municipality and the police. 

Shops outside Shanivarwada unauthorized 

Unauthorized shops are opened outside Shaniwarwad during Ganeshotsav. Shops are set up with paper sheds and a large number of pavilions on Shivaji Marg, which is close to Shaniwarwada. After Ganeshotsav garbage is dumped in the area of ​​Shaniwarwada due to which there is bad smell and shops are set up on other days also. Shopkeepers also throw garbage in the outer area of ​​Shaniwarwada, so it has also been demanded that such shops should not be allowed. 

What are more tips for safety?

-The existing toughened glass window used to view Ganapati’s face from Shivaji road can be replaced with bulletproof glass.

– Additional security personnel should be deployed in the temple during festivals.  

-Security checks or private security guards and regular checks on the tenants living in the surrounding buildings.  

-Enough DFMDS HMDSX-Ray scanner should be installed here.

– It is necessary to increase fire fighting equipment.

– Electrical audit is also important.

– A manual should be prepared for regular safety and any emergency.

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