Pune News: Atrocity case filed against NCP MLA brother in Pune along with founder of opposition group; Both will be interrogated

Pune News : A case of atrocity has been registered against the brother of Sunil Shelke, NCP MLA of Maval in Pune. His name is Sudhakar Shelke. Sudhakar Shelke has alleged that the case was filed for political reasons. On the other hand, an atrocity case has been registered against Kishor Avaren, the founder of Janseva Vikas Samiti, against whom he has accused. I was sitting before the Deputy Commissioner of Police when I was accused of committing the crime. Awar has also alleged that there is a deliberate attempt to frame me.

Controversy Edges the Legislature

This debate has the edge of Vidhan Bhavan. MLA Sunil Shelke was protesting on the steps of Vidhan Bhavan. At that time Kishore Awar posted an offensive post on social media. In response to that, MLA Shelke’s brother Sudhakar posted on social media. "Boxes and percentages"Controversy erupted with reference to They abused and threatened each other over the phone. The case had reached Talegaon police station. Both were called to the police station and instructed not to disturb the peace. But outside the same police station, there was a verbal war between the two supporters. From this, separate prosecutors were given on both sides. The activists of both alleged caste abuse and intimidation. In that case, cases were registered against MLA Sunil Shelke’s brother Sudhakar Shelke and three others including Kishore Awaren, founder of Jansewa Vikas Samiti.

Both crimes will be investigated

This matter is now going to be investigated at the senior level for both the crimes. "The police were with me till I came home from the police station. This incident has happened in front of them. The police have all the idea about this. It will be clear in the police investigation that I have nothing to do with it, saying that the case was filed against me only for political reasons." Such a claim has been made by Sudhakar Shelke. 

"When I was accused of committing a crime. At that time I was in Wakad Police Station which is twenty kilometers away. Deputy Commissioner of Police called me there. So how did I get connected to this crime? They are trying to implicate me for no reason. All the truth will come out in the police investigation." Kishore Awar has also made such a claim. It will be important to see what exactly will be revealed in this inquiry.

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