Pune News : 21-year-old girl dies after falling in mine; A case has been filed against the owner

Pune Crime News : Shocking incident of 21-year-old girl’s death after falling into a mine in Pune (Pune) has taken place. The name of the 21-year-old girl is Ritika Kale. Sunil Mahajan and Tulshiram Mahajan both owned this mine. The police said that she lost her balance when she went to throw the poultry waste. Kalyani Jaywant Kale (age 38 years) has filed a complaint in this regard. Accordingly, a case has been registered against both of them at Bharti University Police Station.

According to the police, this mine is located in Bhilarewadi in Katraj area. Citizens throw garbage in this area. Ritika had gone to the mine area to throw garbage. At that time she lost her balance and fell into the mine and was severely injured. She was admitted to hospital but died during treatment. Ritika’s mother said that the accident happened because there were no rocks in the mine area. A case has been registered against the owner of the mine due to the death of the young woman as there is no compound near the mine for safety and due to lack of measures. Bharti University Police is conducting further investigation.

The mine fell due to lack of compound
Sunil Mahajan and Tulshiram Mahajan are the owners of this mine. Their mine does not have any kind of security cover or compound. There is a mine in Bhilarewadi area. It is the responsibility of the owner to take proper measures and build the walls in the mine area but they did not build the walls. Fear was often expressed as there was no wall. But even then they did not build walls. Ritika had to lose her life as there was no rock. 

As there was no rock, Poklen fell directly into the mine; Death of one
A few days ago in Moi village of Khed taluka, a stone slipped and fell into the water in the quarry. The operator in the cabin of the Poklen machine could not get out. This resulted in the unfortunate death of the operator of this Poklen machine. The accident was reported in Mahalunge police. The operator of Poklen machine who died in this accident was named as Anil Digambar Kalasare. In the morning, while the operators were going to work in the mine as usual, the Poklen machine slipped into the mine. At this time, as the doors of the cabin of the Poklen machine were closed, the operator Kalasare could not get out, he died there. 

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