Pune NCP Protest: ‘I will show you a finger,’ a unique movement of NCP against BJP by bringing a real finger to the municipal corporation

Pune NCP Protest :  In Pune, water was overflowing in many places after five hours of rain. A large amount of road work is going on in many areas. Pits have been dug for that work. A large amount of water accumulated in these pits due to rain. The Nationalist Congress Party of Pune has alleged that the Municipal Corporation is responsible for the collapse of Pune. Today, they have protested against all this. NCP leaders staged a protest by bringing a real boat on the road in heavy rain saying that since the water is overflowing at various places in the city, start the boat service where the boat will be shown. A protest was held in front of the Pune Municipal Corporation. 

The city of Pune, which was already full of potholes during this year’s monsoon, is now flooded. Due to the rain, water accumulated in the pits dug in places. In many places, two to three feet of water accumulated. Water went into people’s houses. Drainage lines are broken. In many places, the roads were in the form of streams. On the whole, the people of Pune have been blown away by yesterday’s rain. Therefore, this unique movement has been made.  

Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself had announced to make Pune city smart. But BJP in power in Pune has made Pune and Pune residents miserable. For the last five years, the management of the municipal council had failed to fulfill the promise given by the pantpradhars of the country.   Punekar’s smart city was drowned by BJP. Also, protests were held on behalf of the Nationalist Congress Party for falsifying the words of the Prime Minister of the country. BJP elected 99 corporators. However, they do not care about the welfare of the people of Pune. BJP is interested in eating the crème de la crème of work tenders. Pune was devastated by the rain two days ago, many families came to the streets. Therefore BJP should be ashamed, it has been accused by NCP that they are neglecting to serve the people of Pune. Preparations for this are being made by NCP. There will be a situation where there is no bus where I will show the finger, but there will be a boat where I will show the finger. PuneTax money is being misappropriated. This distortion will not be tolerated. Therefore, NCP has expressed the opinion that BJP should be ashamed and give justice to the people. 

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