Pune Navle Bridge : ‘Caution… Navle Bridge is ahead’; Hatke banner in Pune is the talk of the city

Pune Navle Bridge : On Navle Bridge in Pune (Pune) series of accidents has been going on for the last four days. Due to these accidents, this bridge is currently in Pune (navle Bridge) is under discussion. Puneri Patya Rajyabhar is famous. Similarly, the hatke banner placed on Navale Bridge in Pune has also become a topic of discussion. This banner has also gone viral on social media. 

At the beginning of Navale Bridge for public awareness "Beware Naval Bridge is ahead" Such texts are on the banner. The image and text on the banner is becoming a topic of discussion. The accident has created an atmosphere of fear among Pune residents. Therefore, these banners have been put up to create awareness among the passengers. These banners are placed near the selfie point on Navale Bridge. 

Discussions and accusations are far
There have been many accidents on this bridge so far. Many people lost their lives in it. But the administration is still asleep. Many promises were given before this. Applications discussed. Inspections were done many times by the administration. However, this banner has been put up by the NCP alleging that this continuous accident is still not being stopped. 

Several representations have been given to the officials of the National Highways Administration. Movements have been made. But the administration still hasn’t woken up. Due to all this, many innocent lives have been lost. Many cars have been damaged. But still the administration seems to be ignoring it. But at least seeing this banner as a responsibility, NCP has expressed hope that Punekar will be alert and the administration will take some measures.

What exactly is on the banner?
This banner has been placed at the site of the accident. A steep slope is shown on this banner. Moreover, a crow has been drawn on it. It is written on this banner that Saavdhan New Bridge is ahead. More than 60 people have died on this boy so far. Hence it is known as accidental bridge. These banners have been put up from Jambhulwadi Lake to Selfie Point in Narhe area. Therefore, this banner is being discussed a lot among the citizens of the area. 

Municipality and NHAI responsible
The series of accidents continues on this bridge. Therefore MP, MLA, Police Commissioner, Municipal Commissioner inspected the bridge. Municipal Commissioner and NHAI are said to be responsible for this. But in this general Pune is a picture of taxes being collected. 

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