Pune Navle Bridge Accident: Another accident on Navle Bridge! Container hits divider; Three to four vehicles were damaged

Pune Navle Bridge Accident: The session of accident on Navle Bridge in Pune is never ending. There has been an accident on Navale Bridge once again. Three to four vehicles have been damaged in this accident. The preliminary information is that this accident took place at the same place as the terrible accident that took place on Sunday. A container has hit a divider on a steep slope. It is reported that some people were injured. This container was going towards Mumbai from Katraj. The container hit the road divider. The container has also been damaged.

The new bridge is currently becoming a death trap. A terrible accident took place on this bridge on Sunday night. The driver of the truck coming from Satara towards Pune lost control and the truck went ahead hitting the vehicles in front. Due to this accident, the traffic had to be stopped for a long time due to a large amount of oil spillage on the highway. 24 cars were damaged in this.  Navale Bridge in Pune has become the center of accidents and many innocent people have lost their lives. Pune’s Navale Bridge area has become a hotspot for accidents due to the combination of steep inclines and  turns.

This horrific accident was followed by two other accidents on the same night. One person also died. So on Sunday Punekar had experienced an accidental night. After this accident, police, MP, MLA and municipal commissioner inspected the accident site. It was also said by the administrator that it is necessary to find out the causes of accidents that occur regularly and take appropriate measures. Even earlier, after many accidents, the administration had given many promises. But proper measures have not been taken. 

The highway has a steep gradient from the new tunnel of Katraj to Dhairi Bridge. This often causes the driver to lose control. It causes accidents. The design of the bridge was blamed for the accident. NHAI, however, did not admit that the design was flawed. But finally NHAI has admitted that the design of the bridge was wrong considering the severity of the accident that happened on Sunday. After this accident, the administration woke up and took action against the encroachment near this bridge today. This action was taken in the presence of 100 policemen. However, it will be important to see what measures are taken by the administration to deal with the accident.

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