Pune Navale Bridge Accident: We will try to reduce the number of accidents on Navale Bridge to zero: Supriya Sule

Pune Navale bridge Accident : Navale Bridge Accident (Navale Bridge Accident) MP Supriya Sule has said that they will try to reduce the number of accidents to zero. He said Supriya Sule (Pune) she was speaking at the time of inspection. At this time, he has demanded that the structure of the road, footpath, service road should be constructed by the municipal corporation in a proper manner. Why accidents happen on this road? The errors should be removed by the road expert with proper information about this. She also said that if accidents are happening continuously, it is necessary to take measures to reduce the number of accidents to zero. 

In 2021, there was a discussion about this bridge with Nitin Gadkari in the Lok Sabha. After that he took measures on some part of this route. But some important matters are still not done. Due to this, the number of accidents did not decrease. Pune Municipal Corporation needs to build a service road on this route. Many accidents happen due to lack of it. Along with this, there is a steep slope on this bridge. This slope has been the cause of accidents so far. It is necessary for the municipality to take measures on this. Moreover, the place where accidents are happening continuously. These places should be observed and determined. He has said that measures should be taken by taking information from road experts on how this slope can be reduced. 

‘We are trying to strengthen the safety law’ 
Police Commissioner, National Highways Officer and Municipal Commissioner are also going to visit the accident site in connection with this bridge issue. All of them are going to inspect this area together. After that we will discuss with Nitin Gadkari after recording the error. The highways are for citizens only. But this has also increased the speed of vehicles. Therefore, Supriya Sule has expressed the belief that we will strive to strengthen the Road Safety Act. 

Thanks to the police, fire brigade, municipality and doctors
The accident that happened in Navale Bridge area of ​​Pune is unfortunate. I am constantly in touch with the administration, police and relief agencies regarding this accident. He has requested the state government to ensure that all those injured in this accident get proper treatment. Also we are all available. After this incident, the police, fire brigade, municipal corporation and doctors rushed to help the accident victims and thanked them. He has also prayed that the injured persons in this incident recover quickly and return home safely. 

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