Pune Navale Bridge Accident: The session of accidents on Navale Bridge continues, another accident this morning, four injured

Pune Navale Bridge Accident : Navale Bridge on Mumbai-Bangalore Highway (Navale Bridge) of accidents (Accident) series continues. Today, Wednesday (November 30), a pick-up vehicle overturned on the back road around 5:00 am. The accident happened when the driver lost control of the vehicle. There were a total of eight passengers in the pickup vehicle. Four of them have been injured. The accident took place near Bhumkar bridge near Navle bridge.

As soon as the information about the incident came to light, Sinhagad Road Police and Highway Patrol officials and staff reached the spot and removed the accident vehicle with the help of a crane. The injured have been admitted to a nearby hospital for treatment. My vehicle was hit from behind by a truck. The pickup driver says that our vehicle overturned. 

On 20th November, Pune residents experienced an accident night
On Sunday 20th November, a terrible accident took place on Navale bridge. The driver of the truck coming from Satara towards Pune lost control and the truck went ahead hitting the vehicles in front. Due to this accident, the traffic had to be stopped for a long time due to a large amount of oil spillage on the highway. 24 cars were damaged in this. This also caused a huge traffic jam. After this terrible accident, there were two other accidents on the same night. One person also died. So on Sunday PuneKar had an accidental night.

Another accident on November 22
There was another accident on November 22 on Navle Bridge. Three to four vehicles were damaged in this accident. The accident took place on the same spot as the fatal accident on November 20. On a steep incline, the container hit a divider. Some people were injured. This container was going towards Mumbai from Katraj. The container hit the road divider. The container was also damaged.

Iten and Mercedes car damaged in November 26 accident
Four days ago, two cars were heavily damaged in an accident on Navle bridge. On November 26, around one in the afternoon, there was an accident in the trains coming from Satara to Pune. Ayten and Mercedes car were heavily damaged. In all these accidents on Navale bridge, the cars have suffered huge damage.

Navale Bridge has claimed 66 lives so far.
Since 2014, as many as 185 accidents have occurred in the three and a half kilometer distance between Dari Bridge and Navle Bridge and Dhairi Bridge. 66 people have died and 145 people have been injured in these accidents. 

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