Pune-Mumbai Expressway Toll Rates : Pune-Mumbai journey will be expensive; Expressway toll will increase by 18 percent

Pune-Mumbai Expressway Toll Rates : Pune-Mumbai Expressway (Pune-Mumbai Expressway)  The toll rates on the route will be increased by 18 percent again. This price hike will be implemented from next year i.e. April 1. This increase is fixed every three years. Earlier there was a similar increase on April 1, 2020. However, MSRDC said that the toll rates applicable on April 1, 2023 will remain in place till 2030. 

This is an important road connecting Pune-Mumbai. Therefore, there is often a huge traffic jam on the road. So the passengers have to wait. This route is a constant topic of discussion due to both traffic jams and accidents. Often questions are asked to the administration. But it is not resolved. Facilities are not provided but toll hike is done regularly. This year minimum has been increased by 60 to 70 rupees from the current rate. But in comparison to the same, a series of accidents can also be seen on this road. Many people have lost their lives on this road due to frequent accidents. Many families were destroyed. But still proper facilities were not available. The question of when the accident session will end has been asked for many years. 

Toll increase before ITMS
ITMS stands for Intelligent Traffic Management System (Intelligent Transport Management System). It has been announced to do.  Through this system, traffic will be controlled through satellite. Drones will also be used in this system. Every vehicle entering the highway will be recorded. The vehicle will be monitored till the journey is completed. In case of an accident, help will reach the car immediately. There will be a network of CCTV cameras on the entire road. These cameras will keep records of lane cutting vehicles. Apart from that, the police will get instructions to intercept such vehicles, which can prevent possible accidents by intercepting such vehicles. There are going to be vehicular speed measuring machines at 39  places. But even before the implementation of this plan, there is criticism from all over because of the excessive toll rate increase. There was a fatal accident on the Pune-Mumbai Expressway. After the death, once again the issue of transportation and safety has come up. This is the first major death otherwise many have lost their lives in this place before. In case of an accident, there is a delay in the arrival of the ambulance on this road due to the traffic jam. Therefore, it is often not possible to treat patients on time. Hence the chances of death are high. 

From 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2030 Pune-Mumbai journey will be as follows.

Vehicle        Current    after
four wheeler       270       320
Tempo            420       495
Truck              580       685
Bus               797       940
Three Excel    1380    1630
M Excel    1835   2165



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