Pune Leopard : Leopards in Pingori village in Purandar; An atmosphere of fear among citizens

Pune Leopard: Pingori village of Purandar taluka has been found to have a leopard. Therefore, there is an atmosphere of fear in the minds of the villagers. Pingori village is situated in the foothills of Purandar taluka. So, because of the mountains, leopards have become common in this village. 

Rupesh Yadav saw this leopard walking on the road between 1 am yesterday. By that time, the leopard sat in a bush near the road. Rupesh Yadav has taken this video from a car of a leopard sitting in a bush.  This video of the leopard has gone viral on social media. 

The behavior of the leopard has created an atmosphere of fear in the area. So far the leopard has not attacked a human. But goats have fallen prey to leopards. The village of Pingori is known as the village of soldiers. However, there is still no mobile range in this village. Therefore, even if there is an emergency, there is no range of mobile phones, so the question arises as to whom the villagers should contact. The villagers demanded that the tower should be installed in the village, but the administration did not provide the tower, the villagers say. The villagers approached the forest department to take care of the leopard.

Pune district. Wild animals enter villages or urban areas for many reasons. Because of this, citizens have to suffer. Often there is an atmosphere of fear in the area. Often civilians are also attacked. However, the picture of the lack of attention of the forest department is always seen. 

Rangava in Baramati’s wild life
A few days ago, surprise was expressed due to the appearance of ranga in Western Ghats in Baramati. As Gawa is a large animal, there is fear of attack on civilians. Zoologists say that ranagawa does not attack anyone, it is a shy animal. 

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