Pune Ganeshotsav 2022: Immersion processions continue in Pune even after 28 hours; Will the procession set a record this year?

Pune Ganeshotsav 2022:  28 hours have passed since the procession started in Pune this year. But still the processions are not over. So, will the Ganpati immersion procession in Pune make a record this year? Such a question is being raised. Yesterday, on the day of Anant Chaturdashi, the coconut of the procession was broken at 10 am. But today, even after 28 hours, the procession continues. . Lakshmi Road along with Kelkar Road, Shastri Road also have queues of mandals. Considering all the circumstances, the police have predicted that the procession will end at least at five o’clock in the evening. 

Due to Corona, this year the Ganpati immersion procession is starting with great enthusiasm after two years. After a two-year hiatus, the police expected that these processions would last for several hours, but even after 28 hours have passed, the police have also expressed their anger. The Shinde-Fadnavis government had lifted all the restrictions on immersion processions this year. But due to the irresponsibility of some mandals, the procession got disrupted. 

Akhil Mandai Ganapati Taas bhar at one place
Akhil Mandai Ganapati Mandal stopped at one place for an hour. Therefore, the office bearers of the boards gave a good breath to the municipal officials. Leaving many circles early. Saying that Ganapati has been standing for an hour, he has come to the municipal reception hall and raised questions. It is reported that the mandal entered Tilak Chowk at around 10 am.
This year, after seeing the enthusiasm of Ganesh mandals, police commissioner Amitabh Gupta appealed to the police to end the processions as soon as possible and to ensure that the procession does not face any disturbance. . But there is a picture of not taking care of their appeal. Therefore, there is no discipline in the processions in Pune.

Police orders to move the processions forward at a fast pace
The police did not interfere in the enthusiasm of any circles while the processions were going on. All circles were allowed to celebrate. However, as the second day dawned for the processions, the police have also ordered to move the processions forward at a faster pace. Since yesterday, important roads in the city were closed for diversion. Those roads are partially closed even after 28 hours, causing disruption to commuters.  Hundreds of citizens are still on the road to bid farewell to Bappa. 


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