Pune Ganapati Visarjan : Immersion of first kasba Ganapati and second Tambadi Jogeshwari in Pune

Pune : The first kasaba Ganpati of Pune and the second Tambadi Jogeshwari Ganpati of Pune have been immersed in a great devotional atmosphere. Today at 4.15 pm Kasba Ganapati has been immersed. After that, immersion of Tambadi Jogeshwari Ganesha, the second deity of Mana, was done at 5.40. At this time, it was seen that the whole of Pune was resounding with the sound of lazim and drums. 

Pune The venerable Ganesha is being immersed in a tank at Deccan built by the municipality. The five most revered Ganesha Mandals in Pune are Shri Kasba Ganapati Public Ganeshotsav Mandal, Tambadi Jogeshwari Ganapati, Guruji Talim Ganapati, Tulshibag Ganapati, Kesariwada Ganapati. The program for the immersion of this Lord Ganesha has been planned in order. 

The procession for the immersion of Lord Ganpati in Pune started at 11.20 am. The immersion procession started from Belbagh Chowk and then proceeded to Lakshmi Road, Alka Talkies and Deccan. The procession, which started at Belbagh Chowk at 11.20, reached Alka Chowk at 3.15 minutes. After that immersion was done at Deccan at 4.15 pm.

Immersion time of Lord Ganpati 

Kasaba Ganapati
Belbagh Chowk – 11:20
Alka Chowk – 3:15
Visarjan – 4:15

Tambadi Jogeshwari
Belbagh Chowk – 11:55&nbsp ;
Alka Chowk – 4:45
Visarjan – 5:38


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