Pune Crime : There were three marriages but none of the wives were Nandat; The extreme step taken by the husband

Pune Crime news :  Despite three marriages (Crime news) The three wives were not sleeping. A shocking case of a person committing suicide out of this depression has come to light. The incident took place at Pahadara near Pargaon village in Ambegaon taluka of Pune district. The name of the youth who committed suicide is Shekhar Shantaram Pawar (28). Shekhar was missing for some days. His father had reported him missing to the police. It is now revealed that he committed suicide by hanging himself.  His father’s name is Shantaram Genu Pawar. 

According to the police, Shekhar Pawar had three wives. That Pune district. He was staying at Pargaon in Ambegaon taluka for some work. Shekhar was married three times. Those three wives were not sleeping with him. Due to this reason there was an atmosphere of displeasure in his family. He became depressed due to such an environment. So he had left home a few days ago. The father tried to search for him but could not find Shekhar. After that, the father rushed to the police and filed a police complaint. 

Suicide in the forest
After the father lodged a complaint, the police started searching for Shekhar. At that time, his skeleton was found hanging in the forest near Pahadara village in Ambegaon taluka. As soon as the police reached the spot, they inspected the dead body. Documents were found in the hanging body. Due to this document, the police realized that it belonged to Bodi Shekhar. After all this, the police informed the father who was waiting for Shekhar for a long time. The father then identified himself. He has told the police that he has three wives and they are not Nandat. 

Bone skeleton and Aadhaar card in pocket

The skeleton of Shekhar, who died in this incident, was finally found. He had Aadhaar card and PAN card in his pocket. The police started searching for the relatives. After that, after getting the information about the father, the father was called to the spot. Shekhar had left home two months ago as he committed suicide. His father said that he had also taken the rope along with him. The father has told the police that he has also filed a missing complaint. Due to this case, a mountain of grief has spread over the family. The information of all the three wives is still not available.

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