Pune crime: The sound of sari! Two old women cheated out of lakhs by showing the lure of sarees

Pune Crime: It has come to light that two elderly women in Pune have been wearing sarees very expensively. Our Sheth has a son. So two elderly women have been tricked by saying that they are going to share saree and money. In Pune (Pune Crime) Such incidents have come to light not in one locality but in many localities. Women in the area of ​​Pashan, Vadgaon Budruk have been cheated to the tune of two and a half lakhs. Pune A case has been registered in the police.

According to the police, the 79-year-old woman was going to the medical center to get pills. At that time, a boy chased him some distance. Then tried to talk to them. Our Sheth has a son. So they are very happy. They have organized a program to distribute sarees to women. The dead woman was told that you too come to a place with us to share in their joy. He was taken to a place and told to keep the gold necklace worth 25 thousand rupees around his neck in a red cloth. Like that, the woman removed the knot. After removing the lump, the boy threw the lump. After that, when the old woman realized that she was cheated, the woman rushed to the Chatu: Shringi police station. Then filed a complaint. 

A similar incident happened to an 85-year-old woman in Vadgaon Budruk. This happened to him while going from his house to the bus stop. They were also told that they had a son. He asked them to keep their gold ornaments in a red cloth. These ornaments were worth at least 1 lakh 89 thousand rupees. He was given a closed wallet. He said there was money in it. But when he went home, he opened the wallet and found pieces of biscuits in it. He has also lodged a police complaint after this. 

Elderly target for crimes
It is not only these sneaky thieves but also cyber thieves who are targeting the elderly from some incidents. Therefore, the issue of safety of the elderly has come to the fore. A few days ago, a 64-year-old woman from Pune had a very expensive dream of marriage. One had befriended this woman on social media. After that, marriage was lured and as many as 57 lakh 79 thousand rupees were extorted from her for various reasons. Therefore, the police are appealing that the elderly should not fall prey to any bait. 

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