Pune Crime News : Woman police officer assaulted; Second incident in a week

Pune Crime news: Police in Pune (Pune Crime) of beating (Police) is a picture of the session not ending. There has been a shocking case of molesting and beating women policemen who were making arrangements for Kartiki Ekadashi. The police lady was telling the two that the road was closed for the Kartiki yatra. At that time, two people beat him in the rush. Both have been arrested by the police in this case. 

According to the information given by the police, a 40-year-old female police officer had lodged a complaint with the police. Accordingly, both have been arrested. A case has been registered against him for obstructing government work. The two arrested have been identified as Bhushan Jain and Dattatray Kokare. A 40-year-old female police officer was making arrangements on the occasion of Kartiki Ekadashi. Due to huge crowd on Ekadashi, some roads are closed every year. The road leading from Dehu Fata Chowk to the temple of Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj in Alandi was closed due to the Yatra. No vehicle was allowed to ply on this route. Lakhs of devotees enter Alandi every year. A large force of police is deployed for that.

Meanwhile, two bike riders tried to go through the closed road. At that time the women police tried to stop them. Both of them tried to argue with the police. They were arguing loudly. The argument escalated and both of them slapped the woman policewoman on the face. The two also beat up the policemen who went to save the lady policeman. Finally the citizens got into the argument and beat up the two accused. At this time the accused tried to run away. Their car hit a tree and the citizens handed over the two accused to the police. 

Lady police beaten up in Alka Talkies area

Four days ago a similar incident happened at Alka Talkies Chowk. . A woman police officer was beaten up with a shoe after obscene abuse. The woman had severely beaten the policewoman asking why she picked up my car. In this case, Vishram Bagh police have arrested the woman who beat her. The woman police had lodged a complaint at Vishram Bagh police station. Accordingly, the woman was arrested. The arrested woman’s name is Sita Ramesh Pujari (age 35 years, resident Tadiwala Road). A woman’s car was picked up by the traffic police. This has happened in Alka Talkies area. The woman had asked the police woman why she picked up my car. At that time the police lady said my posting is not in this area so I don’t know about it." That was the answer. Because of this, the woman was beaten up after arguing with the police.

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