Pune Crime News: Torture sessions continue in the name of superstition; The in-laws brutally tortured the daughter-in-law over a black dress

Pune Crime News : From Pune (Pune Crime) A shocking incident has taken place in Loni Kalbhor area where a 26-year-old highly educated daughter-in-law was brutally tortured in the name of superstition. The woman was being forced to wear black clothes and to apply kunku given by her mother. After this, a case has been registered against the in-laws at Loni Kalbhor Police Station based on the complaint given by this woman.

Attahas for getting a son
Inhuman treatment was given by in-laws for getting a son. The woman was also being mentally harassed. In the name of superstition, the in-laws were doing all this with the woman. If you wear black clothes, you will not have a child, along with that, if you don’t wear the mother’s kunku, things like beatings happened frequently. After this, a case has been registered against the in-laws at Loni Kalbhor Police Station based on the complaint given by this woman. The case has been registered against husband Prateek Sharad Girme, father-in-law Sharad Krishnaji Girme, mother-in-law Surekha Sharad Girme and others. As the father-in-law of this woman is in Hadapsar area, this case has been registered in Hadapsar police station. 

Showing obscene videos after marriage
The complainant woman and her husband are highly educated. Whereas mother-in-law and dir belong to a religious organization. But Suni was constantly harassed by in-laws in the name of superstition. Forced to plant the kunku given by mother, abuse and psychological distress if the kunku is wiped. Apart from this, after the marriage, the husband subjected the plaintiff to unnatural torture by repeatedly showing porn videos. 

Session of torture continues in the name of superstition
A few days ago, a sorcerer in Pune made a woman take a bath naked in front of her family. There was excitement everywhere due to this incident. The Tantric made the woman to take a bath naked so that she would get a son, the family would live well, Bhanmamati would be destroyed in the house and life would flourish. As this mantrika made her do this disgusting thing in front of her husband and mother-in-law, there was outrage everywhere. A case was registered against husband Shivraj Gordkar, father-in-law Rajendra Koratkar, mother-in-law Chitrarekha Koratkar along with mantrik Maulana Baba Jamadar in this case. From time to time one to two crores of rupees were extorted from the woman and she was also beaten up. 

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Pune Crime News: The havoc of superstition! The sorcerer forced the betrothed to take a bath in front of everyone to get a son; Shocking incident in Pune

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