Pune Crime News : Shocking! Grandmother killed by 20-year-old grandson for asking him to leave home, father also supported him

Pune Crime News : In a shocking incident Pune (Pune) is shaken. A grandson has killed his grandmother with the help of his father. It has been revealed in the Pune Police investigation that the grandson did this because the grandmother asked him to leave the house. Mundhwa Police (Mundhwa Police Station) in Pune has brought the crime to light. 20-year-old grandson and his father have been arrested in this case. Horrible deed done by a young man of only twenty years. Unfortunately, Usha Gaikwad’s step son i.e. Sahil’s father also supported him in doing this. 

A shocking incident has come to light that a 20-year-old grandson killed his grandmother with the help of his father out of anger at being asked to leave the house and not being given custody of the jewellery. It has been revealed in the police investigation that the grandson literally dismembered the grandmother’s body and threw it in the river. The Mundhwa police investigated the matter thoroughly and brought this crime to light. Mundhwa police have arrested the grandson and his father.

The name of the murdered woman is Usha Gaikwad (age 62). The names of the arrested accused are Sahil alias Guddu Sandeep Gaikwad (age 20) and Sandeep Gaikwad (age 42). Sahil, who was only 20 years old, killed his grandmother by strangling her in Mundhwa. After that, he did not stop there, he used an electric cutter to dispose of the dead body. Grandmother’s body was cut into 9 pieces by bringing an electric cutter to her house in Mhsoba Nagar. After that all these pieces were put in a sack and thrown in the river on the side of the creek. 

Twenty-year-old Sahil committed the murder on August 5. No one noticed this incident due to heavy rain. On the 10th, Sahilanch filed a missing complaint at the Mundhwa Police Station. Such a leaflet was printed and pasted in the area, but on the basis of the secret information received by police Santosh Jagtap of the investigation team, this shocking incident came to light. Only the leg of the dead body was found by the Loni Kalbhor police about 20 km away from the river. After his DNA test, it became clear that the leg belonged to the dead body of Usha Gaikwad. After that, the police has increased the section of murder in this case. Sheetal Manoj Kamble (age 40) has filed a complaint in this case.

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