Pune Crime News: Another victim of ‘loan app’ scam; A beloved relationship took the life of grandmother for money

Pune Crime News:  Loans taken from the app are taking extreme steps by the youth. A similar incident (Pune Crime) has also come to light in Pune. A shocking incident has come to light that a grandson murdered his grandmother to pay the loan taken from the app. This incident took place in Warje area of ​​Pune. Sulochana Subhash Dange is the 70-year-old grandmother who was murdered. Due to this incident, the Aakashnagar area of ​​Warja has been shaken. 

The loan was taken from Loan App by Gauri Dange.  She was forced to repay the loan. Threats were being made by cyber thieves for the loan amount. In order to pay off the loan amount, the accused Gauri killed the grandmother and stole one tola mangalsutra and 36,000 cash from the grandmother. Accused Gauri sold the mangalsutra for 20 thousand rupees and deposited 13 thousand rupees in the account of the perpetrators. The police investigating the murder case suspected Gauri during the investigation. After the police interrogated Gauri, she confessed to the murder. 

Deceased Sulochana Dange was alone at home on Tuesday. Sulochana Dange lived with his son and grandson in the Warje area. His son works as a carpenter. So, Gauri also works. Grandma Sulochana was alone at home as both of them went to work. Taking advantage of it, Gauri killed the grandmother and stole the ornaments and money from the house. When the tenant went to his house for some work, he found the door of the house open. At that time, the grandmother was seen in a collapsed state. They informed the police as they found the cupboards open and things in disarray in the house. Police immediately rushed to the spot. In the investigation of all these incidents, different information was coming forward. The police suspected Gauri.  The police interrogated Gauri thoroughly. At that time, Gauri confessed to the murder. 

The issue of security of senior citizens is on the agenda

A similar incident two days ago Pune was shaken. The grandson killed the grandmother because she asked him to leave the house. The 20-year-old grandson killed the grandmother with the help of his father out of anger at being asked to leave the house and not being given custody of the jewellery. It was revealed in the investigation by the police that the grandson cut the grandmother’s body into pieces and threw it in the river. The Mundhwa police investigated the matter thoroughly and brought this crime to light. Mundhwa police arrested the grandson and his father. While this incident is fresh, another similar incident has taken place in the city. 

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