Pune Crime: Disgusting act of former sarpanch in Pune, sexual assault on a minor girl by taking her to a lodge

Pune Crime : in Pune (Pune) incidents of sexual assault (Sexual Assault) are increasing day by day. Pune district. Bharti University Police has arrested the accused in this case. The name of the arrested accused is Santosh Nazirkar (age 40 years). Santosh Nazirkar is the former sarpanch of Nazire village in Purandar taluka.

According to the Bharti University Police, Santosh Nazirkar was introduced to the victim girl through the messaging app WhatsApp. The 17-year-old minor girl and the former sarpanch became friends within a few days. Santosh Nazirkar then took the victim to a lodge in Katraj and raped her on Wednesday (November 23) asking her to go out for dinner.

Sexual abuse of 11-year-old girl by step-father in Pune 
A few days ago, it was revealed that the step-father sexually abused an eleven-year-old girl. This shocking incident took place in Duttawadi area of ​​Pune. In this case, the police registered a case against the 32-year-old stepfather. The mother of the 11-year-old girl filed a police complaint regarding the incident. Accordingly, the police have taken action against the stepfather. The accused is the second husband of the complainant woman. The woman’s eleven-year-old daughter from her first husband lives with them. No one was in the house on November 9. The murderous stepfather took advantage of all this. He sexually abused an 11-year-old girl when she was alone at home and sexually assaulted her. As soon as the mother understood all this, she rushed to the police. The police have taken action in this case and registered a case against the father. 

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