Pune Crime: Bunty-Babli pair extorted 150 people from Pune, Khandeshi star and her boyfriend in police custody

Pune Crime News : Maharashtra. Deepu Queen is a famous singer in Khandeshi songs. Her videos are very popular on social media. She also presents many cultural programs. But Deepu Queen and her lover Hemant Bavsar, who were in a hurry to get rich, set up an office in Pune called Mandhan Micro Finance, extorted lakhs of rupees in the name of getting instant loans and fled to Gujarat.

Police were initially able to identify the two. No
Deepu Queen and her boyfriend had lodged complaints with the Swargate police against several people who were duped. After that, the Swargate police traced and arrested both of them from the mobile location. The funny thing is that the police who actually went to arrest the two of them after watching the flashy videos could not recognize them at first, but after noticing the physical resemblance, they were interrogated and arrested. >
Deepu Queen, who is a Khandeshi star, has been given a good blow by the police. After fleeing to Gujarat, these two lived in a slum. Therefore, the artists of the virtual world have actually turned out to be bogus bunty bublis. The couple, identified as Viraj Vijay Kokane and Deepali Viraj Kokane, were duped by the bunty-bubbly duo who had forced some people to invest money by saying that it was a scheme to offer gold at low rates and make quick profits. Both of them had swindled as much as 52 lakh 90 thousand. 

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