Pune Crime : Bapleka’s obscene act, showed the condom packet to the woman and said…; A case has been registered against both

Pune Crime News:  In Pune (Pune) A shameful incident has taken place. A woman is given a condom (Pune Police) has registered a case. Both the accused are well-known businessmen and are father and son. Due to their behavior, anger is being expressed everywhere. The father and son have been named as 59-year-old Dilip Rickbachand Oswal and his 29-year-old son Akash Dilip Oswal. Both are residents of God’s Gift Society, Mangaldas Road, Bundgarden.

Showed the woman a packet of condoms and behaved shamefully with them. He then used the language that women are there to please us. The woman approached the police after this father-son duo behaved in such a shameful way. He lodged a complaint with the police. The police took information about the incident from the woman. After that, the police registered a case against the father and son. This incident took place between 5th April and 20th July 2022 at Mahaveer Realty’s project Silver Crest in Wagholi and office at Bundagarden. 

Both Dilip Oswal and Akash Oswal tortured the woman for months. The woman was abused. Dilip Oswal touched the woman’s body dirty and also tried to press her body. He was holding a packet of condom lying near the office and putting it in front of the woman’s mouth. They were acting in such a way that the woman would feel ashamed. After that son Akash was also doing the same thing seeing his father. He moved his hand over the woman’s body and showed her a packet of condoms and you are meant to please men. Women mentioned a woman’s caste saying that she should please men. He also verbally abused the woman. After that, the woman filed a complaint directly with the police. Police sub-inspector Bhade is investigating the case.

Father-son duo stirs up excitement
A father-son duo’s harassment and obscenity of a woman has created a stir in the area. Both are well known professionals in the area. He had often harassed the woman alone. However, after the father, the son also started giving trouble, anger is being expressed on both of them everywhere. The police has also expressed surprise about this type. 

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