Pune Crime : Attempt to molest by entering ladies hostel; Type in Minister Tanaji Sawant’s college hostel

Pune Crime News :  Unidentified youth molested college girl after entering hostel (crime news) has come up. in Pune (Pune) This incident has happened in JSPM college (JSPM college) ladies hostel. Health Minister Tanaji Sawant ( Tanaji Sawant’s JSPM College of Pharmacy is located on Handewadi Road in Pune. There is a hostel near the college. This shocking incident has happened on the third floor of this hostel. This incident happened two days ago and a case has been registered against an unknown person by Wanwadi Police in Pune.

Sexual coercion by entering the girls’ restroom
Two days ago, an unknown person entered the girls’ restroom on the third floor of the hostel. When the girl went to the toilet, the man tried to force her. The girl protested this harassment and immediately ran to the college administration. Told them complete information. In connection with this case, the Wanwadi Police in Pune was contacted. The police have registered serious crimes against this unknown person.

What were the security guards doing?
The campus of this college is huge. Hence there are many security guards in the college. How did a stranger enter the girls’ hostel by stealing all these eyes? Questions are being asked why the college administration rushed to the police for two days.

Health Minister’s College Unsafe for Girls
This is JSPM College of Health Minister Tanaji Sawant. This outrageous incident has taken place in the hostel of this college. Due to the incident, the issue of security of the college has again come into focus. Health Minister’s picture of colleges being unsafe for girls. That’s why anger is being expressed right now. However, the college administration has not yet given any response.

The issue of safety of young women is raised
There are many colleges in Pune.
Maharashtra, many young people come for education from all over the country. For the safety of girls, many colleges have hostels in their premises, while many young women stay in private hostels. Parents prefer college hostels for girl’s safety. They pay huge fees, but due to the occurrence of such incidents in the hostel of the same college, an atmosphere of fear has been created among the parents. Therefore, the issue of safety of young women has come to the fore. 

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