Pune Congress: Cases filed against Congress workers over Flex in Pune; Flax planted in front of Savarkar’s statue

Pune Congress: The police has taken notice of the flex placed in front of the statue of freedom fighter Savarkar in Pune. It was planted by the Congress in front of the statue of freedom fighter Savarkar near Saras Bagh. Savarkar lovers then deleted those flexes. The police have taken notice of it. Maharashtra The police have registered cases against the Youth Pradesh Congress (Congress) workers. A case has also been registered against Youth Congress general secretary Rohan Suravse Patil. 

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s statement regarding freedom fighter Savarkar has reverberated across the state. Rahul Gandhi’s statement is being condemned by many in the state. Because of this, local Congress leaders and workers have also become aggressive. Controversy arose between the BJP and the Congress over the flexing of evidence given by Mafiveer and Rahul Gandhi in front of Savarkar’s statue. After the BJP workers met the police officers, cases have been registered against the Congress workers. Police have registered a case against the Youth Pradesh Congress workers under section 153, 504, 188 at Swargate Police Station.  

Savarkar lovers remove plaques, Ranjit Savarkar also hits back at Congress

A person came and removed these flakes placed in front of Savarkar’s statue. This person is said to be a Savarkar lover. This person expressed the feeling that those who planted flakes in this way should apologize. Savarkar’s grandson Ranjit Savarkar has now jumped into this case. He has counterattacked the Congress by holding a press conference. He has made a statement that Savarkar and not Nehru committed treason. In 1921, Nehru appealed to citizens not to pay income tax. But he himself paid income tax while in jail. Nehru, who betrayed the movement, agreed to the partition of the country in three days without asking the Congress. Ranjit Savarkar has challenged that this is treason and Nana Patole and Congress should answer it. 

What did Rahul Gandhi say? 
On one side there is Birsa Munda who sacrificed for the country and on the other hand there is Savarkar who calls himself a freedom fighter who went against the country and helped the British rulers only to oppose the Congress. Kelly” Such criticism has been made by Rahul Gandhi. Pratik Savarkar of BJP and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Savarkar remained in Andaman jail for two or three years. He then started sending apologies to the British. Later, Savarkar wrote a book on himself under a different name and told how brave he was. Rahul Gandhi had said that Savarkar used to get pension from the British, he used to work for the British against the Congress party.

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