Pune COEP News: Pune residents will get to see rare rocks, minerals, fossils; ‘Geology Museum’ to start in COEP College

Pune COEP News : Information on Rare Rocks, Minerals, Fossils and Crystals preserved in College of Engineering (COEP) over the years PuneKar can be seen soon. Own ‘Geology Museum’ (Geology Museum) is being started on September 19. The old principal’s bungalow in the university campus, built in 1892, has been converted into a museum. So not only COEP students but others will also get to see all these rare things. Apart from this, many researchers will also benefit from this museum. 

Those pursuing degree, post graduate or any research in geology can come here to study the rare rocks and minerals in this museum. It will be officially inaugurated on September 19 by our university board president Prataprao Pawar and the board has helped to set up the museum in a very short time, said Sandeep Meshram, associate professor at COEP University.
In this museum There will be over 12,000 different species of rocks, minerals and crystals. About 50 to 60 rocks from this collection are extremely rare. The first rocks formed in the Earth’s crust, there are 60 types of fossils as well as crystals such as rose quartz, smoky quartz, amethyst, stilbite and stibnite. Rocks, minerals and crystals are of different colors and textures.

There will also be a virtual laboratory

All specimens of rocks, minerals and crystals displayed in the museum will be uploaded online as part of the virtual laboratory so that students and anyone from anywhere in the world can access them. We are in the process of virtual uploading all our samples of different types of rocks, minerals, fossils and crystals. We have already received approval from the Virtual  Lab Department of Union Ministry of Education. Due to this, students not only from our COEP University but also from Bari colleges and universities of the state can study and do research here, said Meshram.

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