Pune Chandani Chowk Bridge: ‘…otherwise the Pune people would have pulled down the bridge in Chandani Chowk with taunts’, jokes go viral on social media

Pune Chandani Chowk Bridge : at Chandani Chowk in Pune (chandani Chowk ) bridge to be demolished today (October 1). The company Edifice Engineer has informed that this bridge will be demolished around 2.30 am. But in Pune (Pune) It is not possible that an incident will happen and the video and joke will not go viral. The charms of Punekars, their suggestions, their taunts are always hilarious. Also, their advice is often expensive. 

The bridge in Chandni Chowk, which is a hindrance to traffic, is going to become history today. Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has taken the decision to demolish this bridge to solve the traffic jam. However, due to the demolition of this bridge, funny reels and jokes are currently going viral on social media. Many people are creating reels on it. People are also sharing stories on Instagram with different songs. 

Let’s take a look at the jokes that went viral on social media about the bridge demolition at Chandni Chowk.. 

1) Chimayla….🤔🤔🤔🤔

Chandni chowk bridge measuring 4 meters to be demolished ..

We have brought it like some are going to demolish the wall of China…



2) Demolish all the Bridges in Pune but if Z bridge is even touched, there will be outrage…..

Akhil Bacha, Babu, Shona, Pillu Organization

3) Punekars want to travel on the highway everyday…
Moreover, Punekars ignore many things…
Punekars don’t focus much on small things…
… otherwise Punekars will taunt 

4) ‘Just like people in Germany took pieces of the Berlin Wall to their homes as souvenirs, if Pune residents take pieces of ‘Chandni Chowk’ bridge to their homes as souvenirs, the cleaning will be quick…

5) If the explosives planted in Chandni Chowk are blown by the rain, all the money will go into the water…

6) Had a final darshan of Chandni Chowk Bridge today. Many people had gathered and the queue of cars was 4 km long. I. (Why liters?) were starting. Even in such a crowd, that bridge recognized me. The poor man was crying tears in his eyes  was passing through the drain on the side of the road from the downhill to Par Kothrud Bavdhan. talked to me crying that "They said they would knock me down because there was a bottle neck below me" For many years, I used to bring full bottles from Garden Court Bunida, Banjara Hills and other dhabas safely to Bawdhan, Kothrud or Mulshi. No one was ever allowed to fall off the  bridge. Still going to knock me down. On the occasion of a very dry day😭 that Chhatkabhar high Bhide bridge determines the amount of rain in Pune and gets a place of honor in the current paper of June July every year and I am the only link connecting Bavdhan Kothrud  NDA to Mulshi and it has never been publicized. That Mhatre bridge fell on the day of its inauguration without doing anything and the municipal corporation has deployed many forces to demolish me. Those yellow machines are attacking from all sides. A tunnel has been laid at Buda. It blew up I’ll be a wreck in 5 seconds! Genuine Pune like taxes! The Z Bridge is meant for  traffic and is built to give lovers a rightful place to rest. Books and novels are printed in his name!  Printed not mine? Even so, the traffic police have been around me for many years! Seen from the drone camera, it is not clear which is the bugle and which is the police on the black road. Now I feel like going, what if the lower highway was made four-lane by connecting both sides? If a twin bridge had been built next to me, I would have survived. Anyway!

This last gift is yours,
To whom shall I tell this pain?

We go to our village to take our last Ram Ram.



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