Pune Chandani Chowk Bridge Demolition : The work of demolishing the bridge in Chandani Chowk in Pune has started from today; The same company that demolished the Twin Towers will demolish the bridge at Chandni Chowk

Pune Chandani Chowk Bridge Demolition :  Preparations for the demolition of the  (Chandani Chowk) bridge in Pune have started. For that, explosives have to be filled in the walls of the bridge. For this, the work of drilling the walls of the bridge and knocking holes has started. After the explosion, the bridge will collapse in just eight to ten seconds. But it will take eight to ten hours to remove the radar that will be created after that. During this period, alternative road will have to be provided for vehicles coming from Mumbai – Pune direction. Though the new flyover lane has been constructed towards Pashan-Bavdhan, NHAI will have to provide an alternative to Mumbai-Pune highway to demolish the old bridge and it is likely to take time. 

Chandni Traffic diverted at Chowk
-Traffic from National Defense Academy (NDA) and Mulshi to Pashan, Bawdhan, Kothrud and Warje will be diverted from the newly constructed flyover number 1.

-NDA, Mumbai-bound traffic from Mulshi will be diverted from Flyway No. 7 via Flyover No. 3. Traffic on other roads will continue as before.

-Traffic from Mumbai to Kothrud will be diverted via the existing Kothrud route.
-Traffic from Kothrud to Mumbai will be diverted to Ved Vihar via Kothrud subway.

– Traffic from Kothrud to Satara, Warje will be diverted from the highway near Sringeri Matha on Vedavihar Service Road.

The proposed traffic diversion is for a temporary period this week. When the old bridge at Chandni Chowk will be demolished. Later, after demolishing the old bridge, the new routes and diversions will be made available for public use, said NHAI Pune Project Director Sanjay Kadam has given. 

Chandani Chowk bridge will be demolished by the same company that demolished the twin towers
Edifice engineering to demolish the old bridge in Chandni Chowk in Pune. This company has been selected by NHAI. This is the same company that demolished the twin towers in Delhi a few days ago. Using the same technology, the old bridge at Chandni Chowk in Pune will be demolished. This bridge will be demolished in 10 seconds. A new flyover is being constructed to break the traffic jam at Chandni Chowk in Pune. Therefore, the old bridge will be demolished. For that, the employees of the edifice engineering company have inspected this bridge for surveying tomorrow. Interestingly, this demolition will be done through a controlled explosion system.

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