Pune Chandani Chowk Bridge Demolition: The bridge in Pune’s Chandani Chowk will be demolished on Saturday-Sunday midnight, preparations of the administration are complete.

Pune Chandani Chowk Bridge Demolition:  The work of demolishing the bridge will be started at 11 pm on October 1 and will continue till 8 am on October 2. This bridge will be demolished by blasting at two o’clock in the night. Traffic on the highway will be closed at 11 pm on October 1. Only four people will be present at a distance of four hundred meters for blasting work at two midnight. Three of these persons are Edify, Engineering  (Edifice engineering) will be the officers of the company. So there will be a police officer.  The police have said that everyone within a distance of 200 meters will be moved aside before the bridge is demolished. 

After the explosion, it will take 15 minutes for the smoke to settle down.  It will then be verified that no live explosive remains at the blast site. At 2:30 midnight, the radar will be removed.  This traffic jam will be removed by eight o’clock in the morning. Since the explosion will take place in the center of the city, there will be an effort to remove the radar as soon as possible. The police have said that they will take full care to ensure that the radar particle does not suffer much. Alternative routes have been provided for vehicles during this period.  Citizens going to Satara should use Sinhagad Road, Kothrud, Warje. If going towards Mumbai, during this period, vehicles will have to enter Pune city from Navale bridge of Vadgaon and those vehicles will be able to go to the highway via Pashan or Baner. Vehicles wishing to travel from Mumbai to Satar during this period via Wakad-Baner One has to come to Pune city and approach the highway via Vadgaon’s Navale Bridge or Katraj Chowk.

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