Pune Amol kolhe News: The next MP in Shirur Lok Sabha belongs to BJP! MP Amol Kolhe says…

Pune Amol kolhe News: BJP announced plans to win Shirur Lok Sabha constituency in Pune. Accordingly, Union Minister Renuka Singh is on a three-day tour. Shirur MP Amol Kolheni expressed his opinion regarding this visit that I welcome him to my Lok Sabha constituency. But this tour should not be done only in conjunction with the elections. So he should know the pending questions of the tribal community and the farmers of the constituency and the birth place of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in which Renuka Singh is the Union Minister. Kolhe has appealed to the Union Cabinet to raise the issue in order to clear the issue. Along with that, the issue of buying baby gums has been stalled for many years. It should be considered in terms of setting up a competent big system for its purchase and sale and appropriate action should be taken in this regard. Onion issue should also be looked into during Junrar’s tour. The foxes have made many demands to Renuka Singh to raise its exports and raise the farmers’ woes in the cabinet. Vilas lands were defeated. Then in 2014, Shiv Sena’s Shivaji Adha Rao became an MP for the second time in a row. He showed NCP’s Devdutt Nikam the way home. NCP’s Amol Kolheni stopped Shiv Sena’s Shivaji Adha Rao’s horse race. Kolhe reached Delhi as an MP in 2019.

Many changing equations

Shivaji Adar Rao of the Shinde group became an MP thrice in 2004, 2009 and 2014. But the Uddhav Thackeray group in the alliance at that time is not with us now. However, MP Amol Kolhe’s voice in Delhi has failed to give voters time. Amel Kolhe is not keen to contest the next election. Saha is not a single MLA from the Shinde group in the Legislative Assembly. But Bhosari is an MLA of BJP in the Legislative Assembly. The same MLA Mahesh Landge is preparing for Lok Sabha from 2019.

Current MLA of Shirur Lok Sabha Constituency

Shirur Lok Sabha Constituency has a total of six MLAs.  Five MLAs are from NCP while one MLA is from BJP. So at present BJP has started strong preparations to win in this constituency. Bhosari Vidhan Sabha – BJP, Khed Alandi Vidhan Sabha – NCP, Ambegaon Vidhan Sabha – NCP,  Junnar Vidhan Sabha – NCP, Hadapsar Vidhan Sabha – NCP, Shirur Vidhan Sabha – NCP.

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