Pune: Advertisement of three-day ‘Sex Tantra’ course in Pune goes viral, cyber police on the lookout

Pune : An advertisement shared on social media is currently being heavily discussed in the city. On the occasion of this year’s Navratri, this is an advertisement that a three-day course named ‘Sex Tantra’ (Pune Sex Tantra Advertise) has been organized. The advertisement states that this course will be held in the camp area of ​​Pune for three days on 1st, 2nd and 3rd October. Pune Cyber ​​Police is investigating who spread this ad on social media. 

What is in this ad?

On the occasion of this year’s Navratri, a three-day sex tantra course was organized in a camp area in Pune. It is stated in this advertisement that it was done. 15 thousand rupees each for three days will be charged from each person to participate in this course.  
The advertisement says that this course has been organized by the organization ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram Foundation’. A QR code has also been provided along with this advertisement through which the organizers can be contacted. Feminine Masculine Embodiment 
-Chakra Activation 
-Osho Meditation 

Police on the hunt 

It is still unclear if this sex technique course has been approved by the police. Couldn’t happen. Meanwhile, Pune Cyber ​​Police has started an investigation. Police are looking for information about the organizers of this course. Police are trying to reach the organizers from the number given in this advertisement.  At the same time, cyber police is also investigating who spread this ad on social media.

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