Pune Accident News: ST driver saves lives of 25 passengers before dying; The driver died of a heart attack in the bus

Pune Accident News: A shocking incident has taken place on the Pune-Satara highway.  The bus driver of ST who was carrying passengers from Pune-Satara highway died of heart attack. As he felt dizzy before his death, the bus driver took ST to the side of the road. As a result, 25 passengers’ lives were saved. But the driver died. Due to this death, grief is being expressed everywhere. The name of the bus driver who died due to heart attack is Jalindar Rangrao Pawar. He was a resident of Palashi village in Khatav taluka of Satara district. The bus was speeding but he stopped the bus showing caution. A major calamity has been averted due to their initiative.

ST bus of Vasai Agar of Palghar Division of State Transport Corporation was going to Mhaswad with passengers. Pune-Satara highway on Wednesday afternoon. In this case, the carrier Santosh Gawli gave a notice to the Rajgad police station.

The ST bus from Vasai arrived at Swargate bus stand at 12.30 pm on Wednesday. On this occasion, bus driver Santosh Kamble was replaced by Jalinder Pawar as a substitute driver. After crossing Khed Shivpur toll plaza and entering Varve village limits, the speed of the ST bus slowed down. When the conductor asked the bus driver Jalinder Pawar for the reason, he stopped the bus on the side of the road saying that he was feeling dizzy. The carrier wanted to speak to Pawar again but he did not answer. The carrier then took him to a private hospital in Nasarpur with the help of passengers. He was declared dead by the doctor before treatment.

He came as a substitute driver and lost his life

The ST bus from Vasai came to Swargate. Jalinder Pawar was the substitute driver of that bus.  Both the driver and the conductor took the bus from Swargate.  The departure of the bus driver is being mourned by fellow ST employees.


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