Pune Accident News: One died on the spot after the wheel of the car ran over his head; Shocking incident in Pune

Pune Accident News: A shocking incident has taken place where an unknown person died on the spot after the wheel of the car went over his head. The incident took place at Bazartal in Wagholi area of ​​Pune. However, the identity of the deceased has not been ascertained. A case has been registered under the Motor Vehicle Act in this case. This case has been registered in Lonikand police station.

The person was sleeping in the ground near Wagholi Bhaji Mandai. There is a lot of vegetable carts in this area in the morning. During all this, the wheel of a car went over the person’s head and the person unfortunately died. The incident came to light the next morning after the death. A case has been registered in this case.

Little girl crushed in an accident in Pune
Four days ago, a shocking incident of a little girl being crushed by a container took place in Pune’s Satavwadi. The accident happened while he was going to school with his father. A report was made about this incident in Hadapsar police station. Father and daughter died on the spot. Due to this, there was an uproar in the Satavwadi area. The container was in full swing. Eyewitnesses have said that this incident happened. The names of the deceased were Nilesh Salunkhe and Meenakshi Salunkhe.

When the father was about to leave school as usual, a container suddenly hit the seven-year-old girl from behind and crushed her. Meenakshi was studying in fifth standard in Sadhana Vidyalaya. Nilesh was going from Fursungi to Hadapsar towards his daughter’s school. A speeding truck from behind hit his bike at Satavwadi. In this, Nilesh got seriously injured due to falling under the wheel of the truck and died on the spot. At present, the number of accidents is continuously increasing. Many youths drive cars at high speed. It is often said that the number of accidents on the road has increased due to this.

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