Pune Accident News : Major accident on Mumbai Expressway; Mumbai-bound traffic halted

Pune Accident News :  On Mumbai Expressway (mumbai pune expressway) is a picture that accidents do not stop sessions. On Thursday (October 6) around 5 pm, an accident involving a container and Tavera train on the way from Pune to Mumbai (Accident) happened. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured in the accident. But the traffic towards Mumbai was stopped for a long time as the accident vehicles were in the middle of the road. Meanwhile, after getting information about this, the police moved the vehicles from the road and opened the traffic. Due to this accident, there were long queues of vehicles in Borghat. 

Smooth speed but many accidents
This road connecting two important cities runs at a smooth speed, but compared to this, a series of accidents can also be seen on this road. Many people have lost their lives on this road due to frequent accidents. Many families have been destroyed. But still proper facilities were not available. The question of when the accident session will end has been asked for many years.


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