Power comes, power goes, the equation keeps changing, but…. Ajit Pawar’s challenge to the Shinde government

Pune : The new government suspended many  works. But, Pune district is not disturbed. Even after a month passed, the cabinet was not expanded. Farmers in the state are worried due to heavy rains. Power comes, power goes, the equation keeps changing. Leader of Opposition Ajit Pawar has advised the Shinde government that they should not be upset because they have come to power and should not be disappointed because they have lost power.  

A farmers meeting was organized in Morgaon in Baramati taluka. Ajit Pawar attended this meeting. Earlier, he attacked the Shinde government over the stalled expansion of the cabinet and the suspension of work by the new government.  

Ajit Pawar said, "I was elected 7 times. The government came under the leadership of Uddhav Thackeray. I had an artha account. Worked well during Corona. All were well funded. Five crore works were done in Morgaon. 
There are 112 villages in my taluk. More funds were given to Morgaon." 

"As petrol prices increased, people bought diesel cars. Now the prices of diesel have increased again. Achhe din was saying.  Now CNG rates are also increasing. Now came electronic vehicles. Tractors have also started running on ethanol. Ajit Pawar said that new changes have started taking place now.  
One person gave a statement to Ajit Pawar that this time Neera road is in bad condition. Ajit Pawar hardly commented on this. After giving the statement, Ajit Pawar said, take a breath. On that the worker said Dada work is slow. Ajit Pawar said that you are not a contractor. Otherwise the road would have been done at the speed of an airplane. When you do a good job, say that you have done your job, then you will come to work. While telling the same. 

An employee working in Baramati Bank gave a statement to Ajit Pawar regarding the transfer. "Ajit Pawar said when the concerned employee said that Dada was expelled for 9 years, now transfer to Baramati, now the branches are all over the state. "How can you give Baramati to everyone? Must be prepared to work outside. Fate did not say that Dada should sit and pay salary. Kerala people go to Dubai and do less. 

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