Potato: Abba! Potatoes on the tree; You will also be amazed by the wonder of nature

Potatoe Tree :  Nature’s alchemy is amazing. A similar news has come to light. Potato is an underground crop. But in Pune (pune) in Ambegaon, potato has grown on the tree"https://marathi.abplive.com/topic/potato">Potato) has come up. This miracle has happened in the field of a farmer of Niragudsar village in Ambegaon taluka of Pune district. These potatoes are currently being well discussed in Panchkroshi. In the field of Sandeep and Dhanesh Pandurang Valse Patil, 17-18 small potatoes have grown on one tree. At present there is a good crowd to see the potatoes on the tree in his field.  Potatoes on the tree have become an object of curiosity in the village.

Sandeep and Dhanesh Pandurang Valse Patil, farmers from Ambegaon, own three and a half acres of land near Ganya Dongar near Nirgudsar. They have planted potatoes in it. At present, as the crop is being harvested, a lot of potatoes have been found on a tree while harvesting the leaves of the crop. Both were surprised to see these potatoes. As soon as everyone in the village knows, the villager is doing it to see the potatoes. They have been cultivating potatoes for the past several years. While cultivating potatoes for so many days, we have not seen such a thing till now. But this year, they have been surprised as the potatoes have grown on the tree.

Large scale cultivation of potato in Ambegaon
Pune District  Ambegaon taluka is a large area of ​​potato cultivation. Every year farmers start harvesting potatoes during this season. Many farmers earn a lot from potato production. But this year, the price of potato, the quality of potato is not being discussed, but the potato that has grown on the tree is being discussed. 

Pukhraj variety potato

Sandeep and Dhanesh Pandurang Valse Patil are experimental farmers of the village. Many experiments are being done in the field. He had planted Pukhraj potato 90 days ago. As both are young farmers, they try to use new machinery in the field. But this year, both of them have become famous in the village because of the potato that has grown on the tree. He is telling the villagers that this is not an experiment but a miracle of nature. So far, many people from the surrounding villages have come to see these potatoes. His potatoes are not only in the district but Maharashtra the price is eating up. It is being said by the villagers in a difficult language that the tree may also get potatoes in the coming time. 


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