Plastic Flowers: Stop the sale of plastic flowers, the petition of the farmer to the green arbitrator, the court took notice

Plastic Flowers : Currently in the market widely Plastic flowers (Plastic Flowers) are coming for sale. These flowers are being imported from China on a large scale. Plastic flowers are also being produced in some places in the state. Farmers of the state are suffering a lot from this. On the other hand, the environment is also being harmed by these flowers. That is why the farmers have demanded that plastic flowers should be banned. In this regard, Rahul Pawar, a farmer from Khutbaw in Daund taluka of Pune district, has filed a petition with the National Green Tribunal. This petition has been taken cognizance of the green arbitrator.

Argument on environmental damage and farmer loss

Plastic flower bandh movement raised by farmers has now been filed with the green arbitrator. The second phase of the campaign has started. Pune court. Petitioner farmer Rahul Pawar has informed that the petition has been filed by the court. Before going before the court, we had done various tests on the environmental side of plastic flowers. Experts’ opinions were also taken. Both environmental damage and farmer damage were argued in court. The court agreed to our demand that plastic flowers should come under the Single Use Plastic Ban Act and issue notices to the concerned departments after admitting the matter. He has also been asked to present his statement at the next hearing. Also, Rahul Pawar has informed that the court has accepted the demand that this ban should be in whole India according to this issue. Advocate on behalf of farmers before National Green Tribunal. Dr. Sudhakar Awad, Adv. Chetan Nagre and Adv. Siddhi Mirghe argued the case. The legal ban was the second step in the plastic flower ban movement. Along with this, Pawar said that efforts are also being made at the government level. But this year there has been a big hit. The demand for natural flowers has decreased to a great extent. Farmer Rahul Pawar expressed the opinion that this is affecting the farmers. Since the last two years, a large number of plastic flowers are coming in the market. Rahul Pawar said at this time that the price of natural flowers was 125 to 150 rupees, now it has come down to 30 to 40 rupees due to this plastic flower. On the other hand, these flowers are great for the environment. Therefore, Rahul Pawar said that it is necessary to ban these flowers. We had filed a complaint with the green arbitrator regarding this. All the reports were submitted to the court. It was demanded that this should be included in the Single Use Act. The court has accepted our argument. Also, in this regard, the court gave its opinion to the Ministry of Environment and the Pollution Board. Rahul Pawar has informed that he has been asked to present.

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