Pcmc News : 20 vehicles vandalized by hooligans in Pune; The accused ran away, avoiding the police

Pcmc News :  New (Pcmc News) Before the dawn of the first day of the year, the criminals have raised their faces. A heavy police force was deployed throughout the city as the parties were going on all night. Even so, the hooligans have vandalized 22 vehicles. The incident took place around 2 am in the Wakad police area. The four people who came from the rickshaw smashed the windows of the vehicles in the area with stones and cement blocks and smashed the bikes standing outside the house. What’s more, they got away with ease from the police.

Being thirty first, many people Welcome the New Year. A tight police presence was deployed to prevent any untoward incident in the area. Over 20 two-wheelers and four-wheelers were vandalized by 4 to 5 hooligans who came from a rickshaw, ignoring all of them.

 Break the cars and run away.

This incident happened at night. The Wakad police tried to catch the gang, but the gang escaped by beating the police. The police is examining the CCTV footage of all these incidents. The gang is being traced from that footage. Many such gangs are active in Pimpri-Chinchwad. Every day new incidents of crime and violence come to light. Due to this incident, it has come to light that crime has once again raised its head in Pimpri."text-align: justify;">Crime has increased in Pimpri-Chinchwad. Several gangs are also active. Therefore, arresting these gangs is going to be a big challenge for the police. This year, after two years, the new year was celebrated with great enthusiasm. A large force of police was deployed for this purpose. Thousands of policemen were also deployed in Pimprit to prevent untoward incidents. Barring some such incidents, the city welcomed the New Year enthusiastically. 

Koyta gang terror in Pimpri too

More than 20 vehicles have been vandalized in Rahatni and Pimple Saudagar areas. Vehicles have been vandalized by hooligans with coyote and cement blocks. Along with Pune, the Koyta gang has also created havoc in Pimpri. The incidence of Koyta Gang in the city is increasing. Two days ago, this Koyta gang created terror on Sinhagad road. They were drinking alcohol and threatening people on the streets. The police chased both of them film style and imprisoned them. 

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