Party Filler Pune: Using Pune’s youth as ‘party filler’; Cheap entry to the pub

Party Filler Pune: Pub culture is currently growing in Pune. Many neighborhoods have a large number of pubs. However, college youths from Pune are being used to increase the crowd in this pub. It has come to light that these students are being used as party filler by the pub operators. 

There are a large number of pubs in the area of ​​Koregaon Park, Mundhwa, Bundgarden, Baner, Balewadi. A variety of concessions are offered for entry to the pub. The youth is now turning to the pub culture with perks like couple entry, girls night without free drinks. Students are used to make the youths who come to the pub look crowded.

It costs thousands of rupees to enter the pub. Hence, the tendency of youth to go to pubs is slightly less. Pub managers have appointed some agents in some educational institutes of these students. Those agents provide entry to pubs for students for just Rs 200. Students can also afford this amount. Various discounts are also offered to attract them and these students are used to increase the crowd.

100 couples bring to the party on Saturday
The pub operators try to attract special crowds to the pub on Saturday and Sunday. is Prominent pub operators have little need for party filler youngsters. But small and big pub operators have to try to increase the crowd. Also, you have to create a great Instagram page. For this, agents bring 100 couples for parties every Saturday. They only charge an entry fee of Rs 200.

What is a party filler? 
Pubs have a huge space. Floors are made for many people to dance. Interiors are done by spending lakhs of rupees. In these same pubs, young people are given entry for less money to avoid the appearance of being empty or crowded. A special PR is appointed for this. These students are admitted through them. To increase the color of the party, it is seen that there is an effort to drag the youth into drunkenness. 

Pune is known as the home of education. Many students Maharashtra, but from all over the country come for education. Get admission in various major educational institutes. Thousands pay for education. Pune offers top quality education and also has large educational institutes. Therefore, parents also send their children to Pune for education with great hope, but in Pune these students are being used as party fillers.

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