Owners will be fined if pets litter public places, Pune Municipal Corporation’s decision to clean the city

Pune : If pets defecate in  public places while walking pets, no more In Pune (Pune News)  The owner will have to pay a fine. If animals defecate on the road, in public places, citizens are not only suffering from walking but also getting dirty. Owners are therefore urged to take care when walking their pets to ensure that they no longer pollute public places Pune Municipal Corporation has done.

A meeting of the solid waste department was held recently. This decision has been taken in this meeting.  It has been ordered to levy a fine of Rs 500 from the owner if a pet defecates in the open. This responsibility has been assigned to the municipal solid waste management. This includes domesticated dogs and cats. After making it mandatory to register dogs and cats in the city, this next step has been taken by the Pune Municipal Corporation. This step has been taken by the Municipal Corporation due to the increasing number of complaints coming to the Municipal Corporation due to pets being brought to public places and parks and thereby spreading dirt everywhere.  In Pune  the first fine has been levied in Kothrud area.

The number of pet dogs is significant in different parts of the city and citizens take these animals for a walk every morning, afternoon and evening. Sometimes they walk on the street, on the sidewalk, and sometimes in the garden. Public areas become unsanitary due to animal excrement and foul smell spreads.  Therefore, many footpaths and roads are getting damaged. As it is causing trouble to other citizens, if they object, it creates a controversy. So the municipal corporation has taken up a campaign against the owners of these pets.

Citizens love to  keep animals   A permit is required to keep animals in the city. Still many citizens have not taken licenses.  Also, the municipal corporation has also given an instruction to ensure that the animal does not defecate in public places while giving the license.

Municipal license to keep cats

If you want to keep a cat at home, now for Pune Pune Municipal Corporation license has to be taken. The Standing Committee has approved this proposal of the Health Department. The online process for the license will be implemented in the next eight days.  According to the provisions of the Municipal Act, it is mandatory to register with the Health Department of the Municipal Corporation to keep pets such as cats, dogs and horses.


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