In the Pakistan Zindabad video case, a case of sedition has been registered by the police, Devendra Fadnavis had given the order

PFI Controversy :  A case of sedition has been registered by the police in the Pakistan Zindabad video case in Pune. After the order of Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis, a case of sedition has been registered by the Pune Police.  It is being claimed on social media that PFI activists have announced Pakistan Zindabad during the protest in Pune. Politics in Maharashtra has heated up on this issue. Political leaders have reacted angrily to this.

What exactly is the case?
The National Investigation Agency conducted raids across the country in connection with financial support to terrorists and conspiracy to attack terrorists. In Maharashtra also NIA and Maharashtra ATS arrested the office bearers of PFI by taking this action. PFI workers protested against this action in Pune. Pune district. 

PFI workers protested against the action taken by the investigating agencies. He had asked the police for permission to protest in front of the collector’s office for this protest. However, the police refused this permission. Even after that, agitation was carried out. At that time the police detained the protestors. PFI workers raised slogans while the protesters were being detained. It was claimed that Pakistan Zindabad was announced at this time. A video claiming this has gone viral. 

What happened in the earlier police FIR?
In the FIR filed by the police, the declarations made by the PFI workers were mentioned. He had said that slogans such as BJP Murdabad, NIA Murdabad, Masumo Ko Riha Karo etc. were included in this. However, now after the order of Devendra Fadnavis, the police have added the clause of sedition.  

Raj Thackeray’s angry reaction – 
After the video of sloganeering in Pune went viral, Raj Thackeray has given an angry reaction by issuing a press release. I request the Home Ministers at the Center and the States to say, ‘Pakistan Zindabad, Allahu Akbar’ If such announcements are to be made in India… now the Hindu brothers of this country will not remain silent. Raj Thackeray has tweeted that it is in India’s interest to destroy this pest completely.  

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