Grass Carpet: Have you seen the largest natural grass carpet in the country? Produced in Pune

Grass Carpet : The largest natural grass carpet in the country has been produced. A carpet making project has been set up by these environmentalists at Peth Naigaon near Kunjirwadi on the Pune-Solapur road. This carpet has been created keeping in mind the degradation of the environment and increasing pollution. Environmentalists in Pune have taken the initiative to create environmental awareness among the people. 

Jiboy Tambi of Planters India Landscaping Company has set up this project at Kunjirwadi along Pune Solapur road. In this, the carpet is made from grass which is better for the natural environment. These carpets can be used not only for the home but also for the playground. It is very easy to use. The cost will also be less. Watering once in two days keeps this carpet fresh. So water will also be less. 

Carpet is good for nature and also for humans
This completely natural carpet is designed to protect nature and environment. Due to many carpets, there is a fear of spreading different air in the environment, but due to this carpet, natural air will be everywhere. Also, this carpet has many benefits for humans. As it helps in creating clean air, it will help in reducing the risk of respiratory diseases and walking on this carpet with bare feet will also help in keeping away from many diseases. Pune, Kerala, Cochin, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad are producing carpets on a large scale. 

This rug is manufactured through Planters Company
Jboy Tambi of Planters India Landscaping Company has a company called Planters in Kerala. The company works for many environmental friendly things. They create new types of grass, native plants and Bee Bird Butterfly Gardening (BBB). Their flagship product is Buffalo Dwarf Grass. It is becoming popular as a landscaping grass. This grass is also useful for animals. These grasses are adapted to local vegetation, local climate and soil conditions. So these plants grow naturally in the local area. Jiboy Tambi of Planters India Landscaping Company has said that they have taken the initiative in creating grass that suits the weather forecast and local climate. 

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