Grampanchayat Election: ‘Rashtravadi again’ in Pune, dominates 30 out of 61 gram panchayats, BJP has three gram panchayats

Mumbai : The result of Gram Panchayat election has been announced and NCP has won in Pune district. In Pune, NCP has won the maximum number of 30 Gram Panchayats. While the main opposition BJP has got power in only three seats. It is clear that local alliances have won power in 23 places. Even in the direct sarpanch post, NCP has won 30 seats and retained the first position.  It is clear from the results of this election that the NCP is still dominant in the rural areas of Pune. 

Voting was held for 60 Gram Panchayats in Pune on Sunday. The result of that election has been announced today and NCP has won most of the Gram Panchayats. BJP has won power in three places and Shiv Sena in two places. The Shinde group has opened its account in this year’s elections and has dominated two Gram Panchayats. 

Congress could not even crack a pumpkin 

Elections were held for a total of 60 Gram Panchayats in Pune district and Congress could not even crack a pumpkin. Congress got zero seats. Six gram panchayats in Pune have gone unopposed this time. 

Nationalist lead in sarpanch post 

Direct election for sarpanch post was held in 61 gram panchayats of Pune. In this, NCP has won the most i.e. 30 seats. BJP has won three seats. The local alliance has won 23 seats here too. 

Final Statistics of Pune District

Pune District 61 Gram Panchayats (6 unopposed)

Nationalist Congress – 30< br />BJP – 3
Shiv Sena – 2
Shinde Group – 3
Congress – 00
Local Alliance – 23

Pune District Sarpanch Election Results 

Nationalist Congress – 30
BJP – 3
Shiv Sena – 2
Shinde Group – 3
Congress – 00
Local lead – 23


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