Difficulties of duplicate ‘Shinden’ increased; A case has been registered in Pune against Vijay Mane, who looks like Eknath Shinde

Pune News:

Vijay Mane used to be in the news as he had a beard and a tila on his forehead and was dressed exactly like the Chief Minister in a white shirt and pants. But now Vijay Mane’s photos with Sarai criminal Sharad Mohol are going viral on social media.  Mohan Jadhav, police sub-inspector of the anti-extortion squad, filed a complaint at Bundagarden police station. Bundagarden police have registered a case under the Information Technology Act and investigation is underway. 

In the complaint filed, it is said that Vijay Mane was regularly dressing and dressing up like Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and going to public places in various events in the society and behaving in such a way that people would be misunderstood. The prosecution has said that Vijay Mane and others have deliberately tried to mislead the people and have spread misunderstandings by spreading a picture with the criminal in the inn on social media to tarnish the image of Chief Minister Shinde. 

After Chief Minister Shinde took charge of the state, the discussion of Vijay Mane also started. Vijay Mane used to dress like the Chief Minister. He also used to get invitations for many events. Videos of him dancing during Ganapati’s time also went viral. After this he met the Chief Minister and also raised the issues in his area. 

What did Vijay Mane say…

ABP Mazha interacted with Vijay Mane, who was registered as a crime. He said that I do not know Sharad Mohol.  I was photographed without my knowledge, I have been booked without any investigation. I have cooperated with the police from time to time. I told the Chief Minister and the media time and again that the Chief Minister is God to me. I have not done and will not do anything that will tarnish his image. Vijay Mane has said that he tried to defame me by misusing it. He also said that if anyone’s sentiments have been hurt, I apologise.

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