Daund Leopard News : Leopard dies after getting caught in wild boar hunting net; Incidents in Daund Taluka

Daund Leopard News : Leopard (leopard) has died. This event is a rush (Daund) happened at Ladkatwadi in taluka.‌ Unidentified persons had set a trap on the fence of the sugarcane field of Ladkatwadi farmer Shashikant Janardan Ladkat by striking a claw attached to an iron chain for hunting.

The preliminary estimate of the forest department is that the trap was set by an unknown person for wild boar hunting. A 6-year-old male leopard got stuck in this trap and died. Yesterday, some citizens who were coming and going from this area noticed that the leopard was lying dead at this place. He immediately contacted the forest department officials. Forest officials and staff rushed to the spot.

Inspected the dead leopard at the scene and the area. At this time, it was observed that unknown persons had set a leg trap at this place for the purpose of hunting and the leopard’s leg got stuck in it and it died. A dead leopard is a male. The medical officers predicted that the leopard might have died eight days ago.

Crime filed against unknown persons

This incident will be thoroughly investigated and a case has been registered against unknown persons. Forest Officer Kalyani Godse said that the accused will be traced soon. The dead leopard has been cremated at the forest department premises in Pimpalgaon.

Why neglect for eight days?
The area where the leopard died is on the side of the stream. It is a rainy day everywhere. The area is very peaceful. So the villagers avoid traveling through this area. But as the rain stopped for a few days, the villagers started traveling from this area. Meanwhile, the villagers found the leopard dead. Officials have said that this leopard is six years old.

Protest by wildlife protectors
Free movement of leopards is starting in Daund taluk a few days ago. Leopards are entering the village in Daund taluka. Due to this, an atmosphere of fear has been created among the citizens. Such deaths of leopards are drawing strong protests from forest guards and villagers. The wildlife protectors are demanding that some solution be found.  

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