Dasara gathering of Thackeray-Shinde group here; There is valuable advice from Ajit Dada to both the groups…

Ajit Pawar on Dasara Melava : On the occasion of Dasara Melava, Eknath Shinde and Uddhav Thackeray group will have a strong show of power in Mumbai. Both the groups are trying to gather the crowd. As the Thackeray-Shinde group’s Dussehra gathering is about to begin in Mumbai, Leader of the Opposition Ajit Pawar has given valuable advice to both of them. While holding gatherings, no one should stab below the waist, nor criticize at a low level, this Maharashtra has no culture. It is advised that this is not the teaching of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, it is not the thought of Shahu, Phule Ambedkar. 

Ajit Pawar was speaking in Baramati. Krishna Drishti Hospital in Baramati was inaugurated by him. At that time, Ajit Pawar guided the attendees. We are exposed to chemical food. Fast food is preferred by young people. Due to this, the number of diseases increased. For that, one should wake up early in the morning and exercise. Due to work from home, I started looking at the screen more.. due to which the eye problems have increased. We are doing Ayurvedic Medical College in Baramati. There is also a place for that. Making money should not be the aim of medical practice. Any professional should work with social consciousness. Ajit Pawar said that social consciousness should not be lost. India is emerging as a medical tourism country. Ajit Pawar also told the audience that when I was the finance minister, I spent a lot of funds for the infrastructure of the health department, please stay away from alcohol, gutkha, etc. We were working in the medical field. But suddenly Corona came. Pawar also said that he was sent home when Corona came. 

I will watch the meeting of both Eknath Shinde and Uddhav Thackeray, I have worked with both of them. Both should not strike below the waist while talking.. This is not the culture of Maharashtra. Pawar Saheb was the President of Cricket. At this time they never said to take Dhoni. I am the President of Kabaddi Association. For that, I don’t pick the team, the team selector picks the team. Today is Dussehra and I also feel that gold should be given. Gold is not real gold.. Apta leaves.. otherwise people will say that the appetite has increased. Even though I give so much time to people, bring funds, they give me papers. He has to give some space to those who have more space. Ajit Pawar said that space has to be given for development. 

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