Cake Cutting With Sword: Cutting a cake with a sword is expensive; One is in chains in Pune and the search for the youth in Mumbai is on

Cake Cutting With Sword : Birthday Sword (Sword) as well as other sharp weapons (Cake) cutting incidents are seen increasing day by day. Mumbai (Mumbai) and Pune (Pune) has come up in this big city. Two youths have learned how to cut a cake with a sword and a sword. In Pune, the person who made the video viral by cutting a cake with a coyote has been put in chains. A case against the Arms Act has been registered against a 17-year-old boy who cut 21 cakes with a Mumbai sword and police are searching for him.

An attempt to create terror by cutting a cake with a coyote
The accused who cut a cake with a sharp coyote on his birthday and went viral on social media to create terror in Pune has been found in the custody of Pune Police Crime Branch Unit 1. The arrested accused has been identified as Atish Landge and the police seized a Koita and Rs 500 from him. Pune In recent days, there has been an increase in the incidence of viral videos of such cakes being cut. The police took this action to stop it. A case was registered in Khadak police in this case. Then the crime branch took this action.

Cuts 21 cakes with sword, 17-year-old boy charged under Arms Act
Cutting a birthday cake with a sword in Mumbai has cost a boy dearly. MHB police have registered a case under the Arms Act against a 17-year-old boy in Borivali area of ​​Mumbai’s western suburbs. The boy was celebrating his birthday with his friends on Friday (April 16) night. This time this boy cut as many as 21 cakes with a sword. After the video of this cake cutting went viral on social media, the police also came to know about it. Using the sword in this way is against the law. Therefore, the police registered a case under the Arms Act on the very next day, on September 17. Police are now looking for this boy.

Many Incidents of Sword Cake Cutting Before
Many people want their birthday to be memorable. Various things are planned for that. Some people celebrate birthdays with a big bang in hotels, pubs or at home. Some cut the cake with a weapon to do something wrong. But cutting a cake with a sword is a crime under the law.  Some people try to create terror by cutting a cake with a sword and celebrating their birthday. Earlier there have been some cases of birthday cake being cut with a sword. But this matter costs them dearly.

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