Cable Stayed Bridge: The country’s tallest cable-stayed bridge on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway will make travel even faster

Mumbai : Cable Stayed Bridge will be constructed on Mumbai-Pune Expressway (mumbai pune highway). The bridge will be the tallest cable-stayed road bridge in India. This cable-stayed road bridge is being constructed by Afcons, a major infrastructure company in the Mumbai-Pune Expressway Missing Link project. The construction of this 132 meter high bridge is currently underway. 

Mumbai-Pune travel  will be even faster
There are thousands of people who travel between Mumbai and Pune daily. Also, some people regularly travel to Mumbai-Pune for work, personal work. But, there was traffic jam in Khandala ghat on this route. Therefore, passengers waste a lot of time here. However, this cable stead road bridge will reduce the distance between these two cities by six kilometers. This will save 25 minutes of passengers’ time. Because the Missing Link project will bypass the Khandala Ghat section. The length of Mumbai Pune Expressway from Khopoli Exit to Sinhagad Institute is 19 km. After the completion of the construction of this bridge, this distance will be reduced by six kilometers. So the journey on Mumbai – Pune route will be reduced by almost 25 minutes. 

Highway to be widened

Mumbai-Pune expressway missing link project has been divided into two packages. The work on package two is currently underway. This will widen the existing expressway from six lanes to eight lanes. Besides, there will be two flyovers. One of the bridges includes a cable-stayed bridge, among other works. Of this, foundation construction for Viaduct-I, which is about 850 meters long, has been completed. While launching of pre-tension girders and deck panels is in progress. The cable-stayed bridge is about  650 meters long.  So this bridge will be 132 meters above the ground, which will be the highest bridge among other road projects in the country.

According to Ranjit Jha, Project Manager of Afcons Company, "At present, construction of  foundation, pillar and pylon (Cable Staid Bridge Pillar) is underway in Viaduct Two. The highest pylon in this viaduct will be 182 meters above the ground level. The Mumbai-Pune Expressway has become an accident trap at present. Major accidents are constantly happening on this road. Many people have lost their lives in this accident so far. However, Ranjit Jha informed that after the completion of the work of this bridge, the number of accidents will decrease. "Khandala Ghat is a landslide and accident prone area. The new link will help reduce accidents, improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. Jha informed that package two of the Mumbai-Pune Expressway Missing Link project started in 2019 and will be completed in 2024. 

Blasting challenging for widening< /p>

Mumbai-Pune Expressway. However, many challenges have to be faced to complete this bridge. The project will face various geological, transportation and extreme engineering challenges. The widening of the existing expressway from six lanes to eight lanes requires blasting to break the hill in the given time. During this blasting, not only the traffic but also the work near the blasting sites are stopped. Also manpower and machinery are moved away from the blasting effect area to safer places. Transportation of materials and shifting of girders during heavy traffic on the expressway are also some of the other challenges faced by the team. 10.2 km of roads will be constructed. Along with the construction of a 132 meter high cable-stayed bridge, the cable-stayed bridge will have the tallest pylon of 182M in height. 

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