Baramati : Unfortunate! From the marriage pavilion, the bridegroom first went to the bridegroom and then the tirdi; Died of heart attack on fifth day of marriage

Baramati News :  On the fifth day of the wedding, the groom died of a heart attack. Pune district. The deceased husband’s name is Sachin Yele. Sachin and Harshada got married on 19th at Sharda Nagar in Baramati Taluka (Baramati News Updates). Harshada became a widow on the fifth day after her husband’s death due to a heart attack on the fifth day after the marriage. The sudden death of the child has cast a mountain of grief on the Yele family. 

Both were married on 19th. As Sachin was the youngest in the family, his family got him married with great fanfare. No stone was left in the marriage. The wedding ceremony was held at Shardanagar. Then on Sunday and Monday the newlyweds returned home on Monday with their relatives for rituals and ritualistic Devadarshan. After that the pooja was performed and Sachin had a heart attack in the early morning. After that, the relatives rushed him to a nearby hospital. But by then it was too late. Doctors declared him dead.

Tirdi of the bridegroom rose from the marriage pavilion
It had been five days since the marriage of the two. The house guests wanted to return. The mandap also stood as it was. But fate reached a climax of cruelty. The wife and daughter became a widow even before the beginning of life and the bridegroom rose from the marriage pavilion on the fifth day itself. Due to this incident, peace has spread in the village. Hullah is being expressed everywhere. But the wife, who dreams of the world, has to see her husband. 

Increased rate of heart attack among youth
In Shindewadi of Majalgaon taluka of Beed district, a young man also died due to a sudden heart attack. The name of the 25-year-old was Vaibhav Raut. The question arises as to why the rate of heart attacks is increasing among the young. In the present changing era, due to diet and changed lifestyle, the rate of heart disease is increasing among the youth.  Children are seen taking drugs at a young age. Addictions and stress at a young age are also major causes of heart attacks. Consuming these substances can cause certain changes in the body. Due to which, experts are of the opinion that the rate of heart disease has suddenly increased in the youth.

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